The last few times I've frequented Fenwicks Food Hall, I've been well and truly in the diet zone - all what I've done is go and pick up Allure, pay and leave. However as I'd previously spied a huge display of brownies from The Brownie Bar I decided that for my next cheat meal I was having one of these. The Brownie Bar is a locally run business by Sarah and Rachel who share a genuine passion for brownies and this shows in the product itself.

If you're in Newcastle you can find these in Fenwicks, or at their stand next to John Lewis in Eldon Square. I'll be honest I was torn between their original, peanut butter, nutella and oreo brownies and in the end decided to go with oreo. Honestly I have never ever tasted a brownie which was so moist, yet goody, yet crispy on the top, Hands down the best brownie which I have ever tasted. I am actually looking at these pictures and my stomach is rumbling cause I want another one.