You know how it goes, it's pay day and you walk into Boots to buy a bottle of Diet Coke and £25 later you leave with a bag of new make up to play with. As for once I was on the ball and literally took photos of these the day after buying them, it meant I could double the post up as a haul and first impressions post. I've been eyeing up Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder (£8.99) for the longest time after seeing how many people raving about it. Is it worth the hype? I'm on the fence about it. I bought this in the shade Vanille which appears to be the palest shade which they did and it's a perfect match, however as these powders are so finely milled I think you can go up or down a shade and it'll still work.

The packaging is slim and there's a massive mirror which is brilliant, however the downside for this for me is the fact that it's so finely milled it doesn't actually look like I'm wearing powder - if that makes sense. Personally I prefer to wear powder for work as I don't like to clog my skin with foundation, and this doesn't give any coverage or the appearance of wearing powder. It's ideal for touch ups over foundation, so I think this will be used for nights out. Keeping with the Bourjois theme, I also picked up another much hyped product their Volume 1 Seconde Mascara (£9.99) in Ultra Black. First impressions of this has been wow, my lashes look long and volumised and I'm loving the plastic brush.

However, there is a negative with this mascara, after a few hours I've noticed that this flakes and I look like a panda. If I use a primer, this counteracts it. Personally I can live with the flaking, and remember to remove any panda eyes as and when they appear. The last product I picked up was a new release which I haven't really seen much about in magazines or on blogs. Max Factor's Colour Intensifying Balm (£8.99) is in a nutshell a tinted lip balm, which can be built up to be fully opaque. My local Boots didn't have many colours to choose from, however I picked up sumptous candy which appeared to be the palest out of the range. This balm is hydrating on the lips, however it's slightly too blue toned for my liking. Regardless I've been wearing this for work and I would happily recommend to anyone. What have you been buying lately?