Apologies for my unintentional break from here, however things have been manic at work doing hand overs, ready for the new job starting on Tuesday, Anyway April has been a month of rediscovering some old favourites (with the exception of one new product), which is always a good thing to save me from spending money. Throughout April I've really been trying to focus avoiding Boots, however over the last week I've had an almighty blow out and I've bought allllll the beauty products, which you will see shortly on here, Anyway back to April favourites.

Due to illness, my skin hasn't been in the best condition and for nights out I've been opting for a more fuller coverage foundation, and nothing beats Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. I know this has been reformulated, however a little of this goes a long way and it's the only foundation I own which I don't have to use a primer with. L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper was the only new purchase this month, after all the hype around Benefit Gimmie Brow, this has to be the best drugstore dupe for this. I've got a review post on this coming up, however its a winner for me. If you read my Two Minute Face post (link) you will know that I'm a massive fan of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils and Yoghurt is the perfect light bronze/peach shade which is amazing by itself for a quick wash of colour. Or if you want to amp any light/nude eye shadow up, use this as a base.

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you will know that Versace Crystal Noir is my all time favourite perfume (well tied with Tom Ford Black Orchid) and this has been the perfume which I have been reaching for over the last month. I've done a full review here. Even though my natural nails are quite frankly a mess, I've been enjoying actually painting them for what feels like months. In order to help my polish last for as long as possible I've been reaching for Red Carpet Manicure Prep solution to dehydrate my nails prior to application, Since introducing this step into my nail routine, I've definitely seen an improvement in how long my polish lasts on my nails. Plus as this dries instantly it adds no time to my routine.

After developing the blister from hell on my back of my foot thanks to my Topshop skaters, Compeed Blister Plasters have been an absolute god send in helping my foot heal in under a week. These are now a permanent fixture in my handbag. I initially thought these were overpriced, oh they are worth every single penny. Finally I've decided to give my hair a break from Philip Kingsley's Elactizer and been reaching for Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque* to use on my ombre to keep it looking healthy. I've raved about this many a time on here (full review here) and this has to be one of the best conditioning masks I've tried on my hair. I normally use this on dry hair (yes you read right) and then rinse it off, before washing as usual, What products have you been loving in April?

* PR Sample