You all know it, everyone knows it - the fact that I like a coat (or two) of fake tan. However even though this post is geared towards pre and post tan maintenance, these products could be used for natural tans. First up is skin prep, normally I use any body scrub (the gritter the better), however since buying Superdrug Sunkissed Exfoliating Tan Remover (£2.99), I've only reached for this. Normally I will use this the night before fake tanning to remove any dry skin and on my neck (for some reason my tan always goes patchy there). If you like gritty exfoliators, this is one for you - plus it smells like summer holidays, which is a winner for me. However I wouldn't recommend using this on your face as it will probably take a layer of skin off. But if like me you like to go a bit OTT with the tan on your knuckles this is amazing in removing the most stubborn bits of tan. A winner in my books.

Next up is The Body Shop's Shea Body Butter (£13) which I use as a barrier for my eye brows, knuckles, knees and ankles prior to applying tan. I'll be honest the only reason why I use this is the fact that out of all the body butters which The Body Shop do, this is the most solid (if that makes sense). One of these tubs will literally last me well over a year, as I will only use it as a barrier cream. Normally I'd use the little travel sized tubs, however I think this was given to me from someone as an unwanted gift. 

Finally my all time holy grail body product - Hawaiian Tropic Body Butter (£5), come on I couldn't mention tan without mentioning this. This is my body moisturiser of choice and I pretty much use it all throughout the year. However when it comes to tanning, this moisturisers the driest of skin prior to tanning and then helps your fake and natural tan last longer. Unlike other moisturisers which I have used this doesn't break fake tan down. Plus it actually smells of holidays - to me anything which smells of Hawaiian Tropic for me reminds me of holidays. I've done a full review of this here. What products do you swear by when it comes to tanning?