Shirt Dress - Topshop (link) // Boots - ASOS (link) // Belt - Topshop (old) // Bag - Chanel XL Jumbo

Leaving do's - do you get dressed up? Or be casual? Or do you find an item of clothing which is dressy yet casual? I go for the latter and this beaut of a shirt dress from Topshop to wear for my leaving do from my old job before starting my new job today, A word of warning if you're tall like me (5'10), Topshop also do this dress in the Tall section, however mine is from the normal range, as the tall literally came past my knees. Obviously I would wear this purely as a dress, however you could wear this with leggings and jeans to dress down.

Considering the fabric looks quite thin, this is really thick and wasn't see through at all. In order for a long session, I paired these with the worlds most comfiest boots from ASOS which lasted an entire night without the need for me to complain about my feet being in agony. A bit of a short post for you today, however I thought for once I'd keep it to the point. There's a first time for everything isn't there.