Hue (Glaze) // Shy Girl (Cremesheen) // Velvet Teddy (Matte)

Hello my name is Ray and I am a MAC whore. Hands down MAC is my favourite high end brand - they can do no wrong when it comes to eye shadows, cheek products and lip sticks. Let's just brush over the fact that they're mascara's are a bit meh. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love a nude lip. The thought of any colour on my lips sends a shiver down my spine, purely because I can't pull a bold lip off and it wouldn't go with my black smoky eyes.

I may be biased however I think MAC do the best formulas and colours for lipstick and they are always on trend. If you asked me this time last year what my ultimate nude from MAC was hands down I would have said Shy Girl. Shy Girl is a neutral coral shade, however it may look more pinker in some lights to some. As this is a cremesheen finish, I think its more moisturising on the lips and I find that this formula lasts a good 2-3 hours on my lips before needing to reapply. However a word of warning these lasting times are a guide for daytime, obviously on a night out you have to constantly reapply your lipstick about 20 times an hour (or is that just me).

If you compare Shy Girl to Hue, you will see that this leads to move towards the peach side, whereas Hue is more of a neutral pink, Over the last year I've found that this lipstick tends to go with the majority of smoky eyes/eye shadows and it's my go to shade. As Hue is a glaze finish, this does apply quite sheer to the lips, however can be built up. However I've found that if you have the one coat of lipstick this lasts for a good 2 hours before reapplying, The more coats you apply, the less wear time I find. If you were to choose one nude MAC lipstick, I would recommend Hue.

Finally a new addition to the collection and that's the much hyped Velvet Teddy which is out of all my MAC lipsticks, the second matte lip stick I own. As I have a pro card I only ever order MAC from online to get my discount, however after seeing all the hype around Velvet Teddy I ended up "accidently" ordering it, Now even though I have included this in what I think is the ultimate nude lipsticks, I am a bit on the fence about this. Basically if I'm not tanned this is quite brown toned on my lips and washes me out even more than usual. On tanned skin however, this looks amazing with a neutral eye and some eye liner. The redeeming feature of this is the fact that with it being matte, it lasts for hours and hours on the lips before you need to reapply. I didn't know this was going to be such a rambling post. What are you favourite MAC lipsticks? They don't even have to be nudes, let me know.