There's no better feeling than freshly done brows and I've finally taken the plunge into tinting my brows at home between waxes. Surprisingly I can't believe how quick and simple it is and I thought I'd share with you how I tint my brows. First up I always use Bioderma on and around my brows to make sure that there is no make up or product on/around my brows. Using my Spoolie* from Tweezerman I brush my brows upwards and into the shape how I normally have my brows. Depending on whether I am feeling lazy or not I use a cotton bud to apply Vaseline around my brows (basically where I don't want the tint to go), however this is not a vital step as Bioderma easily sorts the job out,

This is the bit where I normally work quite fast - I actually bought a Refectocil set from eBay for £11 in Natural Brown (shade 3), which came with the tint, the solution, a mixing glass and a mixer. I add roughly 5mm of tint into the dish and then 10 drops of solution and mix together to form a paste. To apply the tint I use an Angled Eye Liner brush as I find this is much easier to work with, Normally I apply this quite thickly to the middle to end of my brows and then use less at the start, Now if you apply too much product onto your skin, you can use a cotton bud to remove it, or like I do just wait until the end. Personally I leave the tint on for five minutes.

To remove the dye, I soak two cotton pads in Bioderma and sweep them over my brows. If I have any excess tint on my skin, I just use the Bioderma to remove it - honestly it comes off so easily. I think I may be trying the old Bioderma once I get my hair dyed on Thursday as normally I end up with loads of dye down my face. I've always found that tinting my brows first allows me to see exactly how much of a bad state my brows are in and then I go in with my Tweezerman Point Tweezers* as these literally can pluck the most minute of hairs. I try not to over pluck my brows and literally only pluck the hairs which need to go as I always get HD brows. As my brows are now fairly dark I normally don't need to use powder on them for work, so I usually reach for my Tweezerman Brow Mousse* to set them. Are you a fan of home tinting?