Fitting quite well with Sunday's post all about my Fake Tan Heroes (link), you will know that anything which is coconut scented reminds me of holidays. When it comes to coconut fragrances as much as I love them, I normally only really reach for them in the Spring and Summer, however for today's post I thought I would share with you my favourite budget and high end coconut fragrances. If you are a fan of The Body Shop you will know that their range of body mists is vast and along with the range comes their Coconut Body Mist. Believe it or not but The Body Shop also does perfume versions of their more popular body mists, however I would recommend you save your money and buy the body mists.

Why? Simple, you get more for your money and the scent is as concentrated as the perfume. Lasting time on my skin is no different between the two, so why would I want to shell out more money? Normally this will last a good three to four hours on the skin before needing to reapply, nor does it have the artificial scent which you will find with many coconut scented products. You can see my original review (and rubbish photography) here

On the other hand, if you're looking to splash the cash on a coconut based fragrance (and don't want to buy Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess), look no further than Benefit's So Hooked on Carmella perfume. Now if you read my original review of this (link) you will know that I described this as a floral vanilla scent, however every time I smell this, it honestly reminds me of coconuts and summer holidays. As I've seen very little reviews of this, I would definitely say that it's one of those fragrances which will be a talking point. As this is quite a strong perfume, a little goes a long way and you get value for money. Also if I've sprayed this in the car, I can still smell it on my seat belt for up to a week afterwards. Are there any fragrances or scents which remind you of summer holidays?