When Michelle said she'd go to Sephora for me, one of the first things on the list was some rollerball perfumes. Why oh why can't we not get these in the UK? Since having a sample of B. Balenciaga last year, I've been desperate to get a bottle, however for some reason I won't part with the ridiculous price for one. Whilst doing my American beauty wishlist (post here), I spied that Sephora did this in a rollerball and without having to think this was on my list.

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you will know how utterly rubbish I am in describing perfumes, however you will know that I like my perfumes to be strong and heavy (think Tom Ford Black Orchid). B on the other hand is the complete opposite of what I would go for in a perfume - it's quite light and florally (I tried I tried). However if you want some perfume spiel here we go - the top notes are composed of lily of the valley, violet leaves and green accords of edamame peas. The heart incorporates orris and cedar, while the base incorporates ambrette seed and cashmere wood.

Regardless I bloody love this perfume and the fact that this perfume lasts makes it a winner for me. Plus I've just noticed on the Sephora website that this delivers to the UK... does this mean all rollerballs can be delivered? I'm off to find out. What perfumes do you like in rollerball forms? Let me  know.