Believe it or not, this year's IMATS was the first IMATS where I didn't go with a game plan of what I wanted to buy. However Tor was desperate to find the Kiss Cosmetics stand to get one of their Scrub Sticks - now after hearing Tor rave about these for near enough a good half hour, it would be rude not to try one. Plus I find a lip scrub in a stick form far more hygienic than the likes of Lush lip scrubs.

First things first with this, it's advised that this is kept somewhere cold - mine is kept in the fridge so its extra hard when using it. Unlike the Lush lip scrubs this is a hybrid between a scrub and a balm with the intention to exfoliate and moisturise at the same time. As much as I've tried to like this product, I honestly can't get this to work - it's far too balmy and doesn't exfoliate my lips at all. Personally I would suggest purchasing a proper sugar lip scrub or even use an old toothbrush. It may be a case of that it's more balmy at the top and then more gritter the more you use it, however mine has been left in the fridge. Are you a fan of lip scrubs? What would you recommend?