Even though there is a Makeup Revolution stand in Superdrug at the Metro Centre, near enough every time you go in store the stand is a mess (or the majority of things are sold out). Whilst in Edinburgh back in April, I made a quick pit stop into Superdrug and ended up picking up one of their blush sticks in the shade Dream.

Upon first glance of these on the stand, they instantly reminded me of the Nars multiples but at a fraction of the price. Personally I don't own any Nars multiples, however countless reviews of these blush sticks, do compare them to the Nars counterpart. For some reason, dream was picked up on a whim as there weren't any testers and I had to go by the colours on the box and this seemed the more me shade. As you can see this is a very light pink and leans more towards being a highlighter rather than a blush and that's what I've been using it as.

I find that the stick allows me to precisely apply this to the tops of my cheeks and on my brow bone. Plus as the product is quite creamy, I can easily blend this in using my fingers or with a brush and unlike other cream highlighters I own, you can easily build this up. As strobing is the new big thing - this would be ideal to use. Lasting wise, this survives a night out and considering how warm and muggy it's been, this is a major winner in my eyes. Plus for £5 the amount of product which you're getting is amazing. So far Makeup Revolution has lived up to the hype - what other products should I try from the range? I'm after the contour palette next.