Hands down the best time of day is bath time and to celebrate the launch of Matalan's new sister site Matalan Direct, I thought I would share with you the items which for me make my bath perfect. First up the most important part - my bath has to be piping hot - the hotter the better, I don't know what it is, maybe it's the steam but this helps me to relax. When it comes to bubble baths, I actually prefer to use a shower gel as it foams much better than any bubble bath I've used and lately I've been reaching for Original Source's shower gel in Mango. If you, like me loves the scent of mango - this has to be one of the best mango scented products going.

In order to really give my skin a deep cleanse, I'll firstly use a micellar water to remove my make up - at the moment I'm testing out Soap and Glory's Make Up Remover, this isn't as good as Bioderma or Garnier's versions, however it smells lush. I'll then move onto double cleansing and I'll firstly use a cream cleanser and No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser is a fab alternative to Liz Earle. After that I will then apply Soap and Glory's Peaches and Cream cleanser and either leave it on the skin for 5-10 minutes or clean my face as usual. I'm a massive fan of products which have a dual purpose and Peaches and Cream doubles up as a great face mask.

Finally after using a toner, I've been apply Clarins Beauty Flash Balm as an intensive moisturiser after applying a serum. Now I know this isn't usually seen or recommended to be used as a moisturiser - however it's worked wonders on my skin and if I'm honest that's all what matters. After a nail painting hiatus I'm now well and truly back in the nail painting game and I've finally bought Essie Fiji which has constantly been on my nails for the last few weeks. 

If you've been following me on Snapchat (@RayWhoisShe) you will have seen that I've recently been decorating my bathroom. The plan was to take these photos in the bathroom, however I may have had a bit of a painting fail and my bathroom is really dark now. However in order to make the best out of a bad situation I have been ordering some bits and bobs from Matalan Direct - they were primarily focused on bathroom products, but now have added bedroom furniture to their site. Ironic really considering the next room on my decorating list is my bedroom. What are your top relaxing (and decorating hints) let me know in the comments.

* In conjunction with Matalan Direct