I have to say for once I'd actually managed to hit lucky with the sales - purely due to getting into work on Christmas Eve ridiculously early and deciding to check the Boots website. I haven't linked up what I've managed to get as I don't think any of these are still available online, however you may be able to get them in store. Over the last few years I've always had a list of things which I've wanted from Soap and Glory and never been able to get anything - this year however pretty much everything from the Christmas range was still in stock.

First up is a set which I normally stock up on each year - Soap and Glory Perfect Scents (£8) as this is the hand wash I like to have in the house. Normally I get a few of these, however this year I decided to be sensible and only buy the one. If I'm honest I'm starting to go off Hand Food, however I was more excited by the fact that the set comes with a diffuser of their original scent which will be going straight in my kitchen. Keeping on the Soap and Glory theme, I managed to get one of their Soaper Star (£10) sets, which I always find sells out pretty much straight away online and then you can never find them in the store. This was the sales buy which I am the most chuffed about as it contains all my favourite Soap and Glory Products, 

For me it wouldn't be a sales trip without buying a Versace Crystal Noir 50ml Gift Set (£25) from Boots. If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that this is one of my all time favourite perfumes (full review here) and Boots will always have the best offers on this perfume. I even made my cousin Maxine buy one of these gift sets too as it's too good of a deal to miss out on. Personally I never use the body wash and body lotions which comes with these sets, but honestly if you can hunt one of these sets down - do it.

Again I felt like I'd hit lucky with the Boots sale as all the Yankee Candles were half price, so I managed to pick up two of my favourite Christmas scents (which I burn all year around) Christmas Cookie Large Jar (£10.99). If you like sickly sweet scents this one (or Vanilla Frosting) will be right up your street. Finally it wouldn't be a sales post without something from Lush - I avoid their store at the Metro Centre like the plague as literally you are queueing for hours to get into the store. Luckily I always receive a bottle of Snow Fairy as part of my Christmas presents from my parents to avoid having to go near their store. 

However whilst in Newcastle I thought I'd pop in on the off chance to see what Christmas things they had left - there was no Snow Fairy, however there was quite a few items from the Christmas range still in stock and I have to pick up four of their Candy Mountain Bubble Bars (£1.49). These are my favourite Lush bubble bars and they are basically the same scent as Snow Fairy, but produce far more bubbles in the bath than using the shower gel. All in all I'm very happy with my sales purchases and actually felt like I'd gotten value for money - nothing worse than a product in the sale and only having a couple of pounds off (I know how tight I sound there too) - what bargains did you manage to get in the sales, let me know.