This time last year, I was probably on the verge of a breakdown knowing that on the 4th, I'd be hitting the big 3-0. Fast forward a year and and looking back I honestly don't know where the last year has gone too - it only feels like it was yesterday since I was working two jobs (that was back at the beginning of the year). A lot has changed over the last year - have I finally grown up (doubt it), however I've gotten a new (stressful) job which I wouldn't change for the world, and due to the demands of the job, posting on here has become less and less. 

Over the last year I've posted 99 times on here, the lowest ever and this really upsets me. I still have the spark and passion to post my thoughts and rambles on here, however after working nearly an 10 hour day, the last thing I want to do is switch the laptop on. Also on the flipslide of this, my fitness and exercise routine has near enough died a death. To get to my gym from where I work now, it takes at least 40 minutes (excluding traffic) and I have to drive past my house - take a guess as to where I normally end up.

However I did manage to keep to a resolution this year - to save my Boots Advantage Card Points up ready for the boxing day sales. I believe I started the year off with about £7 on my card and as of yesterday I had £45.27 on it and surprisingly I didn't have to spend a fortune - I made use of points offers. Looking forward however, I don't want to set myself too many resolutions however a couple are - 

1) Drink more water - I normally drink at least 1.5 - 2 ltrs of water a day, however as I'm starting to adopt the principles of Lean in 15, I know I need to up my water intake to 3-4 ltrs a day. I've been trying to do that recently and I'm struggling once I've hit the 2 litre mark.

2) Get back into my fitness - Like I've just said I'm adopting the principles of Lean in 15 and I'm trying to plan an exercise routine which is achievable around work. One of which will be doing HIIT training via YouTube in my living room if I'm working late. I've been doing this the last few days and so far I'm enjoying it. Also meal planning - need to start eating properly and hopefully I can loose some weight.

3) Leave work at work - I've been caught in the trap of taking work home with me to do, obviously at times sometimes you may have to do a bit at home, however for me I'll be doing it only if I really think I need to do it.

4) Spend less- well trying to save a little bit more each month. Over December I've been saving any loose change I've had in a tin from B+M, this will be my money for IMATS. However I do need to think before going wild on ASOS or in Boots.

5) Making time for the blog - Even though I failed miserably at this over the last year, I do need to get back into regular posting and have some sort of schedule/structure on here, however I don't want to commit myself to anything and then get back to work and not be able to do it. Some decisions on that will be made in the next few weeks.

Here's to 2016