As much as I love Tor, she isn't half a bloody enabler, after trying her Instant Age Rewind Concealer in light, I rushed out and bought it. Even to this day I love the product, so much I did a full review on it here. Even though I don't reach for this everyday, that concealer is still one of my all time favourites. However watching and reading one too many American Beauty Hauls which featured the additional shades in the Instant Age Rewind Range, I knew I needed to try their Brightener.

Luckily for me Angela, kindly picked this up for me back in September when she want to Florida (check out the haul here) and since then it's love. What the picture doesn't show you is that on the skin it's very pink (think light baby pink) and to an extent looks like a liquid highlighter. However once this is blended into the skin, the magic happens - I look more awake and my black circles are near enough covered if I only use this and no concealer. The way I've been using this is blending my foundation of BB Cream (Dior I love you) over my dark circles then applying this over the top and blending using a damp beauty blended.

One technique which I've been doing, yet I don't do this every time I use the product, is bake my under eye area with a translucent powder. Personally I'm still a bit unsure as to whether baking has an effect on this staying put throughout the day, but I am liking the fact that this doesn't budge. It's a shame that Maybelline don't release the rest of the shades in the UK - however if you are desperate to try this I've found a seller on Amazon which ships to the UK. Are you a fan of brightening concealers?