I've always thought that I've been quite faithful and loyal to my skincare routine and over the last year, I've been very reluctant to introduce new products. However saying that and also continuously using "I've" in the last sentence, there's been two stand out products from Origins which have become firm favourites in my skincare routine. First up is their iconic GinZing energy boosting moisturiser which doesn't plump my skin as it claims, but is more of a lightweight day moisturiser which hydrates my skin. Personally I don't use this as my night cream, more so either on a morning or after I've cleansed my face post work out. I've got a more in-depth review of this here, however lately all what I have been doing is reaching for this, which speaks volumes.

The older I've gotten I'm finding that my "normal" skin is leaning more to being drier - I don't know if its the fact that I now work in a building which has air con (oh yes moving into moderner times) and where I work the wind constantly blows a gale which will play havoc on my skin. One thing which I asked for Christmas was their Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask which every beauty blogger seems to rave about. Personally I don't wear this overnight as I don't want my pillow getting attached to my face nor transferring product into my hair - no, just no. Normally I'll apply this on an afternoon and leave it on my face for a few hours and then rinse off. What I have found with this is that my skin does drink this up and I'm left with very little residue on my skin. After using this my skin looks hydrated and not as dull, which is a winner with me. 

Both of these products have been game changers - more so the mask, however both products do live up to the hype. However as much as I enjoy using it, I really don't know whether I would repurchase GinZing, purely on the basis that I like to change my day moisturiser up. What products would you recommend from Origins? Let me know.