Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir has fast become one of my all time favourite perfumes and as much as I would like to spend £58 for a diffuser and £42 for the candle, I can't justify it (unless someone wants to buy me it hint hint). However whilst looking for bathroom storage in my local Dunelm Mill I spied that the Dorma range was on offer. As soon as I picked up their Black Lily and Pomegranate candle, and smelt it the resemblance between that and Pomegranate Noir is uncanny. You can't tell the difference between the two. Obviously this wasn't an offer I couldn't pass on, and as I sit and type this in my living room, all what I can smell is that.

Both the diffuser and candle are really heavily scented and are excellent value for money, when put into the context of Jo Malone prices. Definitely a winner from me. What type of scents do you like in your house? Let me know, cause I want to invest in something new for my bathroom and bedrooms.