The Comforter // Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Gels - both £4.95

Remember back in the Summer when everyone went absolutely mental for the Oxford Street exclusive Lush products. Believe it or not, I didn't cave into the hype on mine and Tor's annual London trip when we visited their flagship store. Tor on the other hand managed to spend a small fortune. Eventually though I caved in to her constant raving about two of the products she picked up and picked them up when they were released into my local Lush store.

Yuzu and Cocoa was the shower gel by far I was excited to try as I love their bubble bar - if you remember the post about this, I actually refer to it as Homer's Arse Crack. Here's the link to the post if you don't believe me. This lives up to they hype and my skin always feels so soft after using it - the scent isn't as strong as the bubble bar, however it's just amazing. I think this actually beats Snow Fairy as to being my favourite shower gel from there.

The Comforter was the one exclusive product which every man and his dog was raving about and as much as I love the bubble bar (review here), I am going to utter some words which will make many a beauty blogger turn their heads in disgust. I don't like this shower gel at all. I don't know what it is - does it smell like the bubble bar - yes, does it look like the bubble bar - yes. I think what my problem is the fact that I'm assuming it to be like the bubble bar when lathered on the skin (i.e. lots of bubbles) it doesn't happen and I think this is why I'll be sticking to the bubble bar in future.

What other Lush (not so) exclusive products should I try next? Or even what products from the normal ranges would you recommend? Let me know.