As much as I've tried not to give into the hype around W7 products, eventually I had to cave in and buy a couple of items from the range, Luckily for me there is a W7 outlet near to where I work, so I was able to pick all of these up for £1.99 each with the exception of the palette which was £2.99, Since the original Urban Decay Naked Palette came out, that when when W7 came on my radar - however at the time no stores near to where I lived stocked the range.

When you have time to have a proper look at the range, you will be amazed at how many high end dupes they have at a fraction of the cost. I know at times we all think that when items are significantly cheaper, we expect the quality of the products to be, well... crap, this isn't the case at all with W7. I was toying with the idea of buying a beauty blender, however I don't think I would part ways with my Power Puff to flawlessly blend my foundation/concealer in with. Since getting this, I've completely neglected my Real Techniques Sponge. 

Another winner is their eye products - their Lashtastic Mascara gives the exact same effect of Max Factor's False Lash Mascara, whereas their Chunky Eyes sticks are more pigmented than NYX Jumbo Sticks. I'll be honest I've never tried any Urban Decay eye shadows and even through their In The City Palette is a dupe for the UD Naked 2 Basics Palette, I can't compare what the quality of the shadows are to the UD counterparts. However what I can say is that these shadows from W7 are easily buildable and blendable and I get very little fall out with these shadows. Also these eye products last a full day at work followed by a gym session - pretty good going eh,

However with all product ranges, sometimes there are products which quite simply don't work for us and that can be said about their Light Diffusing Concealer - for me this is far too pink toned and also it dries up far too quickly. However considering I've tried five items from the range and only one of these I don't like - I think that speaks volumes don't you think? Are you a fan of high street dupes or do you prefer to pay full price for items? Let me know in the comments below.