So much for the cutting back on my spending eh? In my defence some of these items were bought before Christmas so really I didn't spend that much money (well that's what I'm telling myself anyway). I've actually been quite restrained lately when it comes to my spending and I've only been buying things which I actually need and instead of buying new items, I've been shopping my stash (oh how that phrase makes me die a little inside). First up from Primark I bought a Large Barrelled Brush (£2) and a pack of 12 Coiled Hair Bobbles (£1) the ones which claim not to leave kinks in your hair, but they do leave a mark. Nothing exciting there if I'm honest with you.

Onto more exciting purchases, first up being Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub (£5.50) which I believe was brought out as a valentines day exclusive, however at the time I didn't know this. I think the main reason I picked this up was as an alternative to their Bubblegum and Popcorn flavours. What I didn't realise was that there are little hearts in the scrub which makes it extra cute. Personally I don't lick this off my lips, I always have to rinse it. As I'm starting to get sick of using shampoo to clean my make up brushes I thought it was time to reinvest in a proper brush cleaner and I picked up Lottie London Soap Star (£6.99) from Superdrug. This was more of a blogger influenced purchase as I've seen so many reviews on this lately. I've only used it the once, so I'll need to try it a few more times before giving a full review on this.

Since starting my (not so) new job, I've become skint due to Claire being a Body Shop rep and she likes to email the office with the new items and offers which she has going. Before Christmas she brought in their new range of body scents and I picked up their Italian Summer Fig Fragrance Mist (£8.50) and their Almond Hand & Nail Cream (£11) on a whim. I've already used the nail cream in the past and my hands literally absorb this straightaway, however their Italian Summer Fig Fragrance is completely new to me. I've only used this a few times, however I think I'm saving this while I use up some other products. Next time you're in store, you need to check out this range.

Finally after using up my beloved Bioderma moisturiser and trying to hold out until the New Year to buy a new one, I picked up Botanics Hydration Burst Hydrating Day Cream (£7.99) on a whim to tie me over. Worst mistake ever - my skin did not get along with this. Considering its a hydrating cream - it did anything but hydrate my skin, it actually made it drier. Personally I'm not a fan of this and I will be giving it away. So there we go - a random haul for you. What items have you been buying lately? Link me up to some of your hauls.