Normally I would say that blogger hype around a product would make me want to buy something, however over the last few months I've been turning more to Instagram videos to actually see products in action without any photoshop or the best pictures of a product. Even though I'm trying to reign my spending in, I have splurged recently on a few products which have become firm favourites in my make up routine. First up is The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer which I bought on a whim instead of buying the Anastasia Beverly Hill's Illumanizer. Honestly I can't get enough on this on my cheeks and I've even started to use this on the arches of my brows. 

I've seen some reviews which have said that this is quite yellow based - personally I'd move more towards the champagne side of things - however this adds no yellow tones to my face either when I'm pale or tanned (MAC NW15-20 and NW25 for reference). Unlike other highlighters which I've used this has no chunky glitter in it - so when applied on the cheeks it looks natural. Another more recent purchase has been the infamous LA Girl Pro Concealer in Beautiful Bronze - I bought mine off ebay and I've linked the seller above. Out of the two this was the product I have been more excited about, Any video you watch on Huda Beauty you will have seen LA Girl Concealer used and I'm kicking myself that I never picked any up in Westfields last time I was in London.

As I've got a 1001 concealers which I'm working my way through, I thought that a darker concealer for contour would be a good first product to try from the range until I can actually get my hands on them to swatch. The shade I picked up (after looking through swatches upon swatches) was Beautiful Bronze and this is too dark for contouring on natural skin - only on tanned skin. If I'm completely honest when this came, I was taken aback by how small the tube is - now for less than £3 I can't be complain, it was just a shock. 

Now I don't know if this is just me (so anyone let me know if I'm wrong), however the product is quite thick and takes a lot to work into the skin with help from Fix+. Is it supposed to be like this, cause it doesn't look like that on videos - it looks more liquidy. Anyway I apply this straight from the tube as the applicator is one of the best I've used with liquid products and then either buff into the skin with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush or a damp Beauty Blender. Once this is buffed into the skin, there's no budging. For less than £3 you honestly can't go wrong. What products do you think live up to the Instagram hype, let me know.