Apologies for my unexpected absence from here over the last few weeks, completely unintentional, however life got in the way as per. Anyway during my hiatus, one product which I've added into my haircare routine is L'oreal's Thermo Protective Spray. Now as I haven't posted a photo on here or on my Instagram of me lately - I've had about 4" of my hair cut off, as the ends were well and truly dead, so I'm now sporting shoulder length hair for the first time in about 8 years. L'oreal claims that this spray will nourish the hair, while providing heat protection.

I haven't been using this every time I wash my hair as I do find that you have to use exactly the right amount (two pumps) and only use it on the mid-ends of my hair. If I don't do this, I find that my hair becomes greasy pretty much straight away regardless of how much dry shampoo I use. If I'm honest I haven't seen any improvement in my hair, yet the condition hasn't gotten any worse. I have noticed that my hair is starting to snap slightly around my hair line, however this has been an ongoing battle since having a side fringe in my late teens/early twenties. My hair grows to a certain length and then snaps - if anyone can suggest any products to help combat this, let me know.

A heat protector is a must if you use any kind of heat on your hair, I normally even use it if I leave my hair to dry naturally. Personally I'll happily use this as a heat protector, but if I want to use something which provides hydration to my hair, I'd reach for my Matrix Miracle Treat 12 Spray which is what my hairdresser also uses when she does my hair. This may be a bit of a miss for me, however I am a massive fan of the L'Oreal Professional Silver Shampoo which I use as a toner, but also their Vitimino Delicate Colour Shampoo and Conditioner (review here), all of which you can get from Hairtrade. If anyone has any recommendations for products which can help with breakage let me know,