Believe it or not I don't mind the boring task of cleaning my make up brushes - maybe it's the fact that I switch off while cleaning them. Anyway as much as whatever shampoo I have on the go, was doing the job, I thought that it was about time I invested in a proper brush cleaner. You may have seen me mention Lottie London Soap Star brush cleanser in a recent haul (post here) and after using it for the last month I feel like I can provide more of a review instead of first impressions. 

Soap Star is the first solid brush cleaner which I've used before - normally it would be either shampoo or Mac's Brush Cleaner which did an amazing job but I was going through it far too quickly. Initially I was going to buy Real Techniques Cleansing Gel, however bought this instead. First up what I love about this is the fact that the soap has no scent - I hate my brushes smelling of shampoo etc. 

To use this, I slightly wet the soap and then wet the brush before rubbing on the top of the soap. The make up will dirty the top of the soap however you can easily rinse it off. I find that this does a fab job of cleaning brushes which you have used powder with, however it can't get my Sigma F80 foundation brush clean which is disappointing. I have found that my blending brushes are more softer since using this and also they dry quicker. I'll use this up, however I think I'll be moving back onto liquid brush cleaners after this. Are you a fan of solid brush cleaners?