Happy Easter or Happy Chocolate Egg Day if you don't celebrate Easter. As Spring is officially here, I thought that I would share with you two nail polishes which I've recently picked up and are both very springlike. Prior to buying these I've been going through a phase of not painting my nails at all and today will be the first time since January I've actually bothered to paint my finger nails. As much as I love my dark berry shades, I've been craving more of a natural nail lately.

After seeing so many reviews of Barry M's spring releases from the Gelly range, I decided to pick up Pink Lemonade, as I appear to have binned all my baby pink opaque polishes. The swatch doesn't do this polish justice - in real life this is more of a creamy nude pink which like the other Gelly polishes is completely opaque in one coat. Also considering this is my first Barry M polish since buying two of their Speedy Quick Dry Polishes (review here), it's good to see that this polish has their wider brush in it. Hopefully this is being rolled out across all their polishes now. All in all this is a winner with me and as I type I'm waiting for this to dry on my toes.

Hands down my favourite brand of nail polish has to be Essie, however sometimes the price does put me off from buying. However a random trip to Making Faces in Durham, I managed to spy that they had the 2015 Bridal Collection in stock for only £2.99. What is ironic is that my local Essie stands in Boots actually have this range in for full price (£7.99), which makes the £2.99 which I paid for Tying the Knotte an absolute bargain.   

I won't lie the above swatches are of four thick coats and this is a pain to apply on your nails. Normally I will do one thin coat and then a second thick coat to make it semi opaque. Regardless of how much of a steady hand you have, you won't be able to avoid the inevitable streaks. However as this is a sheer pink, it's normally not that noticeable (unless you're crap at applying polish). Personally out of the two shades, this is the more natural wearable shade which will work for both daytime (work) and on a night when you can't decide what outfit you're going to wear. Actually this may be the shade I paint my finger nails tonight as I probably won't decide what to wear until I'm literally leaving the house. Hope you all have a fab Easter and eat lots of chocolate (that's my plan for tomorrow).