Right back in January, I set myself a mission - to start to work my way through my excessive amounts of products which I've had for ages. Today I thought I'd give a quick update to how I'm going from my original post (link) and as you can see by the pictures, introduce some new products into the mix. To be honest using products up hasn't been that hard, as I have actually used quite a few products up which I haven't included in Project Ten. However some products I'm finding harder to use up - regardless of using them daily. 

First up is Mac Refined Golden Bronzer which I've been using daily and I still haven't made a dint in it which is annoying. Unless MAC has made this an never ending bronzer, it's confusing me how I'm making no dint into it at all and it's not as if I have a light hand when it comes to bronzer neither. I'm constantly using Redken's Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and then Elnett Volume Heat Protector every time I wash my hair and I can definitely see that I am making progress - both products are a bit blah though. The only other product in this which I'll mention is Marc Jacobs Honey now I know I said in the last post that I liked the scent of this, well that's a bloody lie. It is rancid - I can't even bring myself to wear it as it makes me feel sick. I honestly don't think I can use this up.

However on a positive note I have managed to use up two products - REN Microbead Purifying Facial Polish which didn't really exfoliate my face, so ended up using as a body scrub to remove fake tan. Personally I wouldn't recommend this, nor will repurchase. The second product which I used up is Hydraluron Moisture Jelly which I don't think is worth the hype, but is one of those products which does something to the skin, but what I couldn't tell you. However since using this up, my skin has been no different, so is that the proof that maybe it's an unnecessary step in my skincare routine? I won't be repurchasing this. I'm actually quite shocked that I've managed to use up two products, considering the Hydraluron was practically unused. 

Instead of replacing with two products, I couldn't decide between these three so decided to include them all. First up is Korres Mango Lip Butter - who remembers the hype around these? As much as I loved the Pomegranate, I just can't get away with the Mango one. It feels too much like a lip gloss - however I've got this in my work bag in the hope that I'll reach for this while at work. Pink Warm and Cozy Body Mist was picked up on a whim from the Victoria Secret store in Leeds - as much as I love the scent of this, I'm starting to get a bit bored of it. Instead of using this just at the gym, I'm making more of a conscious effort to use it as and when I can. I've done a full review on this here

Finally Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum needs to be used up - I've had this for longer than I'd want to admit on here and I've got just over half the bottle to use up. I do enjoy using this, however I'm desperate to try Kiehl's Advanced Night Repair Serum and until I get this used up, there'll be no purchasing that. Are you able to use products up quickly? Are you doing something similar? Let me know how you're getting on.