Oh don't I look overly happy - I honestly need to get rid of my resting bitch face. Anyway as I haven't shown my face on here for a while, I thought that I'd share with you my Topshop sale bargain aka the grey coat of dreams. I managed to nab this in the Boxing Day sales for £55 and I'm in love with it. The shade of grey, the length and the fact that it's oversized, but not too oversized. As I was about to go shopping, I paired this with a plain white tee from Topshop, my trusty Ridley Jeans from ASOS (link) and what I'm going to refer to as the shoes of death,

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my leopard print - the more print the better. As soon as I saw these Kindred Pointed Flats from Topshop on Instagram (link), I knew I had to have them. I've worn these plenty of times since buying them and my feet have been fine - however last week these darling shoes managed to give me blood blisters and a bruised toe. Since then they've been referred to as the shoes of hell. I've worn them since said feet incident and everything has been fine - I've also not known a pair of shoes to be such a conversation starter neither - obviously it's not just me with the obsession with leopard print.