Milani Baked Blush in 05 Luminoso // NYX Blush in PB03 Angel // MAC Blush in Melba

Regardless of season - there's always one shade of blush which is consistent through my make up drawers and that has to be peachy corals. Personally I don't think plum or pink blushes suit my skin tone regardless of whether I'm tanned or not and peach is far more flattering. Since having a switch around/sort out of my make up - I've started to reach for different shades and actually bother wearing blusher for work.

First of all is the old favourite which has to be my holy grail blush aka the blush which keeps on giving - MAC Melba. This blush instantly had cult status when Kim Kardashian said that this was one of the blushes she used and after reading that I was sold. This is the blush I'd reach for if I'm going for near enough a full face of make up - on my skin I feel like you need to build this up to be able to see it. I'd say that this is more of a nude peach - however the staying power once applied is second to none. Hands down my favourite blush ever.

Out of the three blushers which I've picked, the one which has had the most hype within the blogging community has to be Milani's Baked Blush in Luminoso. Initially I asked Michelle to pick this up for me when she was in Miami last year, however my sister from another mister Jenna had already picked this up from Amazon and didn't like it, so kindly sent it to me. Out of all the blushers which I own, this has to be one of the most glittery - if this was without the shimmer, this would be perfect. I'd describe this blush as leaning more towards the orange side, however as this is highly pigmented, be light handed with it. This can also team up as a highlighter on tanned skin.

Finally NYX Blush in Angel which I ended up purchasing when NYX was sold in Next and after using a few times has been relegated to the back of my drawers. While starting my Project Ten mission, I picked this up and have been using it near enough everyday for work and on a weekend. Out of the three this is more of a natural peach shade and is so blendable on the skin. The only issue I have with this is the fact that that pan is tiny, so in order to get any colour pay off I have to use a small dense brush to pick up as much product as possible. Are you a fan of the peach blush? What blushers do you recommend?