This time last year the weather was sunny - we've had snow this weekend in the North East. What is going on? So much for being able to put the winter clothing away. Anyway while doing an ASOS order for my brother the other week, I had a quick glance at the sale and spotted this Camel Coat in Cocoon Fit for £25.50 (link), which was reduced from £85. Now that is a bargain if I saw one and I quickly added it to my basket.

Considering my bedroom is full of clothes, I really should be sorting things out however I'm trying to buy pieces now which will form part of a capsule wardrobe and this coat fits the bill. Now as you can hopefully see by the grainy snapchat picture (follow me @raywhoisshe) that this coat is quite furry. Now this doesn't bother me in the slightest, however only one side of the pockets are lined and this annoys me as anything which you keep in your pockets and then take out will be covered in fluff. Regardless for £25.50 this has to be one of the best bargains I've picked up in a sale in a very long time.