Fiji // Tying the Knottie // Muchi Muchi // We Can Do It Pink // Not Just A Pretty Face // Sand Tropez

That awkward moment when you realise that three of your favourite Essie polishes basically look like three bottles of the same polish. Fail. As much as I love Barry M for their Gelly and Speed Dry Polishes (not to mention the vast colour range), Essie will always be my go to brand for nudes. I thought that for today's post I would share with you the shades which I'd say are staples in my collection. First up out of all these shades, the most iconic would have to be Fiji - a pale pink with strong white undertones. Personally I find this looks better on your finger nails rather than your toes and out of the polishes mentioned - this is the one I reach for the least.

Tying the Knottie is the newest addition to my collection and this has been my go to polish since purchasing it. I've already mentioned it in my Spring Nails post (link), This has to be alongside the next polish the most versatile polishes which are ideal for day or night. Muchi Muchi again like Tying the Knottie does require a good 2-3 coats for it to be fully opaque. Now I've already reviewed this (link) and absolutely slated it. However I've come to see that taking my time when applying and actually using a top coat, this polish can actually work on the nails. Out of the three polishes I've mentioned so far this has more of a baby pink undertone.

It's quite strange to see that when you put all these nude polishes together, you can truly see the difference in the undertones. We Can Do It Pink has finally been photographed showing it's true colour. I know on a lot of swatches this looks like a milky pink, however as you can see it's got more of a taupe undertone to it. I've never seen a polish like this before and what's even better is that all profits from the sale of this goes to help fight breast cancer.

Every time I wear Not Just A Pretty Face, people look at me strangely when I say this as they think I'm talking about myself. I've previously reviewed this (link), however don't be fooled by how dark it appears in the bottle - this applies much lighter. This is more of a dusky pink once applied on the nails and is fully opaque after two coats. Finally the first Essie polish which I bought - Sand Tropez. This has also been my most popular Essie review on here - you can read my full review here.

Obviously as you can see this is the complete opposite of the rest of the polishes mentioned, with it's grey/beige undertones. Out of all the polishes mentioned this is the one which is completely opaque after one coat. If you're a fan of Models Own polishes this is a hybrid between Nude Beige and Utopia. If you managed to get to the end of today's post - you definitely need to reward yourself with a treat. What are you favourite nude polishes?