Let's all face it - at times can you really be bothered to sit and put a full face of make up on? I'll quite happily hold my hands up and say that 75% of the time I don't have the time/energy/patience for it. Normally I'll gravitate to products which can be used for a number of different things. MAC Harmony Blush (£16.50) is one product which I've had for a good year, used it now and again, however recently this has been a staple in my make up routine.

To look at this, all what you'd think it's brown and it looks like mud. That would be correct, however this beige-brown matte blush can be used for a 1001 (well four) different things. Like the majority of MAC blushes this is highly pigmented and can easily be built up or blended out depending on whether your tanned or not. This was initially bought to be used for contour and primarily this is what I use it for. However this can also be used as a blush (obviously) but also it reminds me of MAC Matte Bronze Bronzer - so this can also be used as a bronzer.

Finally if that wasn't enough to make you rush out and buy this - it could also be used as an eye shadow. More so as a transition shade for your crease. I feel like I've wasted this blusher for having it so long but never using it to its full potential. Next time you're at a MAC counter - get swatching of this. What multi use products do you swear by? Oh and apologies for the barrage of face powder related posts, only just clicked on there. Can you tell I'm going through a powder phase?