I don't know if I'm starting to have a mid life crisis or finally getting my act together, however I've decided that I want an entire wardrobe overhaul and actually own pieces which I can dress up or down. Jeans and shirts are standard attire in my wardrobe, however my favourite buy for March has to be Topshop's Venus Stud Sandals - just look at them. Can they be dressed up - yes, dressed down - yes. The best thing about them (apart from being real leather) is the fact that they're comfy and don't ruin your feet.

They got their first outing last week while at the Metro Centre with Tor for the House of Fraser Big Beauty Event and honestly I was amazed that after wearing them for a good four hours straight of shopping (and eating) they didn't hurt my feet at all. I can't wait for the weather to become sunnier or warmer to be able to wear these with dresses. What are your staple wardrobe pieces?