Hands up whose hair repels a curl? Well if that's the case, this post may be a life saver for you. Honestly in order to keep a curl in my hair I've tried it all - tongs, velcro rollers and now hot rollers. Personally for me hot rollers work a treat and you need to look no further than the BaByliss Ceramic Roller range. Now this post is a bit of a cheat, as I already own the 30 piece set in the old roller style (more to come on that later), however it's getting to the stage now where if I'm travelling I have to borrow Holly's set - it's getting to the stage now where I'll probably have to pay rent on it.

As BaByliss have recently redesigned their original ceramic range - I thought it was about time I tried their 20 Piece Set. Personally if you like big loose curls, like I do, it would be more cost effective for you to buy the 20 piece set over the 30 piece set (also available on the Hairtrade website). I never ever use the extra small and small rollers. The only difference between the two is that in the 20 piece set you only get 6 of the medium (blue) rollers as opposed to 8 in the 30 piece. The rollers themselves have two heat settings - I normally leave mine on setting 2 and leave them anywhere from 15-30 mins to heat up. If I'm going on a night out I normally leave these longer to heat up.

The rollers come with both pins which are colour coded depending on which size rollers you use, however I use the clips which come with this. I find that this holds my hair (and extensions) much more securely, nor do I find pieces of hair falling out. Also it doesn't leave marks in my hair - which is a win win. The main difference between these and the old version is that the rollers have different grips on them. Now the first time I used these, my hair did get caught in the grips and the curls weren't as smooth as what I am used too. However the key to this is combing the section of your hair before putting the roller in and jobs a good un.

I find the key to getting loose waves, like in the photo above, is to have the roller vertical and only roll the hair in it to just above where my ears are and also alternate wrapping the hair towards and away from you. Normally to achieve a wave like in the photo above, I will wrap my front section away from my face using the blue medium rollers and then alternate between the blue and red large rollers for the rest of my hair. Trying to use an equal amount on each side. Normally if I'm on a night out I'll leave these in my hair for a good 2-3 hours before taking out, however if I'm in a rush I can leave them in for 15 mins then remove them. 

A good tip is when you remove each roller, use a straightener to roughly straighten the ends of your hair. Personally I think this makes the curls look more natural. To set these I normally just use hairspray and a bit of Charles Worthington Texture Spray. I've tried these in friend's hair who like me doesn't hold a curl and I've found that these actually do work. Plus considering these are only £26.99 for a salon profession tool - honestly you can't go wrong with these and also for the excellent value. If you struggle to curl your hair - honestly these are the cheat's way to A list hair.

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