Following on from yesterday's post and getting everything off my chest, I thought that I would share with you today some of the products which if it wasn't for the blog or the blogging community I'd be none the wiser about. I think what you find is that you get influxes of products which claim to be the next best thing and next thing you know you've been dragged into the hype and you've bought X, Y and Z. These products have been highly hyped in the blogging community and I have to admit these are firm staples in my routine.

First up is Nars Laguna Bronzer, the ultimate matte bronzer - ideal for contouring or to add a glow to both tanned and pale skin. This is the bronzer which I normally reach for, however if you are reading my Project Ten series you will know that I'm trying to use up other bronzers. If you are looking for a new bronzer - hands down this is what you need to try. When Essie finally came over to the UK I was determined not to buy into the hype, regardless of how much I wanted to try Mint Candy Apple. However after buying Sand Tropez, Essie have been my go to nail brand for polishes - quick drying time, the wide applicator and a 1001 nude shades, it's love.

I think any product from Clarins has cult status and a large amount of hype surrounding it in the blogging community, however one product which stands out for me is their Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. This has to be the one cleanser I can literally get through within a few weeks as it leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. Keeping on with the skincare theme Kiehls Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment is one of the best eye creams I've ever used. This is quite thick in consistency, yet my skin literally just drinks this up. I also find that eye shadows and concealer applies so much better when I've been using this. I think the next two skincare items need no explanation - Bioderma and Nuxe Reve de Miel - holy grail items right there.

As much as I'd read the hype surrounding Jo Malone, until last year there were no Jo Malone stores in the North East - now we have concessions in both House of Fraser at Metrocentre and also in Fenwick Newcastle. Since actually being able to go into store and see the products in the flesh, I could quite happily spend my salary in there, As I'm a fan of strong heavy scents - I had to buy Pomegranate Noir as my first fragrance from them. They may be slightly pricey, however a little goes a long way and this scent can last on clothes for days. 

If it wasn't for the blogging community, I would still have thin eye brows - after having the opportunity to go to a Benefit Brow Bar launch I've since been aware to leave my brows alone. If I do have to tweeze any noticeable overgrown hairs I'll literally reach for my Tweezerman Tweezers. Even the finest of hairs can be caught with these. Also considering they come with a lifetime guarantee just shows you how high quality these products are. Finally one of the most over hyped products thanks to Instagram - Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz. Literally a game changer when it comes to filling in your brows. I've got a post coming up shortly with some high street dupes for this, however nothing will come close to the original. This has to be my must have handbag item and considering I use it near enough everyday, I've got so much of this product left. What products do you think lives up to the blogger hype?