Are you looking for a good solution to manage your social media profiles? It isn’t easy especially since there is so much happening on the web. But there are certain apps and software that have the power to help you take control of your social media web presence. 

With these apps you can organize all your accounts and share information across several social media pages at one time. Balancing your personal life along with social media can be a bit intimidating and that is why you should try out these apps and see how well they work out for you especially since most of these apps are mobile friendly.

It’s a very simple, efficient and powerful app for all iPhone and android users. It helps manage and organize posts on multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more, all just from one app- HootSuite! Hands down I'd be lost without this app.

This will allow you to:
Post and share photos, videos, etc on all your social networks at once.
Helps you manage multiple social media accounts on one page.
It also helps you handle the way you want to schedule and post your social media posts.

This app helps you create simple connections across all the social media sites and the app can be accessible on all portable gadgets. It allows you to work on all your social network pages without any hurdles.

Best ways to use IFTT:
You can post your Instagram photos as Twitter photos.
You to text anyone from this app even when you are out at the local grocery.
You can share your Facebook status updates on Linked In.

These are a few of the useful tools that you can make use of to keep yourself up-to-date on all that’s happening on social media but another must have app on your mobile is the free bingo app. 

With this app you can not only play free bingo games on android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows phones but can also chat with a whole new group of people online. You can sign up and play on any site and win real cash prizes. Get these apps today!

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