Palm Slip Dress (Tall) - Topshop (in the sale now) //  Heels - Topshop (very old) // Belt - Topshop // Bag - Chanel

As much as I love the summer, I honestly can't cope with any sort of humidity and sweatiness on nights out. The other weekend, I was reunited with my partner in crime Kayleigh and with any night out I had to get something new (first world girl problems). I've actually got the pink version of this dress already from Topshop, hanging up with it's tags still on, however as soon as I'd spied this in the Tall section, I needed this instead. 

I'm quite a fan of the range of slip dresses Topshop currently have in - they're lightweight enough to be worn both during the day with sandals or trainers and then dressed up on nights out. Plus they keep you cool. What really annoys me though - is why does it have to be roasting for when you have a decent hair day too? Seriously my hair lasted about 20 minutes until I walked into the first bar and then it became a frizzy mess (think Monica from Friends). Typical or what. Are you a fan of slip dresses? Even better if you can recommend any products to keep my hair from going like a frizz ball in the heat I'd be even more grateful.