Writing this post, I actually feel like I am betraying Charlotte Tilbury - like doing the dirty betrayal. When it comes to lipsticks and eye shadows, she can't do anything wrong - nothing in the slightest. Mascaras on the other hand... nope it just doesn't work. I'm always on the look out for that holy grail mascara and I very rarely will stay faithful to one. While in London, I took the opportunity to go into her flagship store in Covent Garden to pick up her new Legendary Lashes mascara. If you're ever in London you need to go into the store - simply amazing.

If you're from the North East, you will know there's a counter in Fenwicks - however the last time I was there when I purchased their Full Fat Lashes and some other items, I encountered an ever so delightful member of staff who has since put me off from shopping there. I don't need to be told outright I shouldn't buy a lipstick - if I want to buy something I bloody well will. Anyway moving along...

Full Fat Lashes was the first and only mascara from Charlotte Tilbury and claimed to be a 5 in 1 mascara which curled, separated, gave volume, length and drama. Sounds perfect doesn't it? Personally I'm a fan of more drier mascaras, however I felt like this was just too dry and didn't really do anything for my lashes. I could achieve the same effect with a drugstore mascara and save at least £15. However this didn't put me off trying her Legendary Lashes and after watching her YouTube videos on this - I needed to try it.

Legendary Lashes is claimed to be a miracle mascara which in three coats extends the length of your lashes and gives any look instant impact. The mascara even claims not to clump or even drop - now as you can see in the photos Legendary Lashes is a very wet formula which shockingly clumps your lashes. Honestly hands down this could be the worst mascara I've ever tried - application is messy and ends up all over your eye lid. Also what is annoying is that it leaves me with panda eyes - I've never experienced this with any mascara (apart from the occasional fall out if I've rubbed my eyes which is understandable). For £25 I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't two black eyes. 

I have noticed however that the drier this mascara becomes, it is starting to work better for me, so we'll just have to wait and see - I'm not prepared to give up on this yet. Maybe because I don't want to waste £25 on a mascara, When it comes to mascara do you think you should splurge or save? Let me know.