Biker Jacket - Topshop // Wrap Skirt - Topshop // Kindred Pointed Flats - Topshop // Bucket Bag - Zara // Tee - Weekday via ASOS

Following on from yesterday's post about my photo diary in London, I thought that for today's post I'd share with you the outfit I wore on the Friday. Now considering I'd been up most of the night before and not feeling rougher than a badgers bum, I wanted something comfortable to travel in. I'd seen this skirt in Topshop and thought I'd pick it up - however if like me you have long legs and take wide strides while walking, I'd suggest wearing some kind of short underneath it. It only took until getting to the hotel to realise how to fasten a d-ring skirt properly. 

Since having the massive wardrobe clear out I've been on the hunt to find key pieces to add to my wardrobe and a more fitted leather jacket was one of them. Ideally this jacket is probably more suited to colder weathers as it's quite thick - however considering it's supposed to be summer - this was never taken off the entire time we were there. I've also been on the hunt for a round neck white tee and as per Weekday came to my rescue on ASOS. Considering this was a little bit pricey at £23 for a tee (it's now £16 in the sale), it has to be the perfect length and fitting tee I own. Weekday may now officially be my new favourite brand.