I feel like I'm on quite the roll with the outfit posts on here, which is one for the books. I don't know if it's just me, or I often feel like I'm too dressed up (think night out) or in my scruffs, there's no in between. The other Sunday, I was out for an afternoon session for Jill's birthday and faced the age old debate of what to wear to go drinking in on a Sunday afternoon. Night out attire was definitely out, so what could I wear which was semi dressed, but not too under or over dressed.

Those who know me, know that there is more chance of hell freezing over than me wearing jeans for a night out, so for a day session, jeans seemed the sensible choice. Then came the dilemma of what to wear on my top half and after a quick browse on the Topshop website I spotted this Dalmation Slouch Shirt and knew I needed to have that in my life.

Annoyingly lately I'm finding that Topshop tops are a bit hit and miss regarding their lengths. Often I find that the normal length tops are too short, yet the tall section is just too long. Then again like this shirt, the normal section was like a crop top and the tall shirt isn't actually that long. Regardless, the shirt is a beaut and I think I'll probably end up wearing this for work tucked into a skirt. Are you a fan of the slouchy shirt? Let me know.