Lancome Juicy Shakers in Great Fruit* and Meli Melon* - £18
Swatches - Meli Melon (left) // Great Fruit (right)

Anything from the Lancome Juicy range will always hold good memories for me - their Juicy Tube lip glosses were a permanent fixture in my handbag for a night out and they'll always be associated with drunken laughs with friends on a no excuses Thursday night in town. I feel like I'm probably the last blogger to actually feature these, considering the hype surrounding these has near enough died right down. Working in an office which constantly has air con on throughout the year, I've realised over the last few months that my lips are becoming more and more chapped.

Personally I can't be bothered with having to wear lipstick for work - I've got no time for constant reapplying and this is where Juicy Shakers comes in. It's a hybrid between a lip gloss and a lip balm with a slight sheen of colour. Obviously if you shake it, the colour becomes more pigmented - however the colour is by no means opaque. What I like about these is the fact that I can leave this on my desk and easily reapply without having to look in a mirror - no fuss. The colours I have is Great Fruit and Meli Melon - both look bright in the shaker, but don't transfer that bright on your lips. My favourite has to be Meli Melon - probably due to the fact that the melon scent is Juicy Tubes.

These are quite expensive for what they are, however a little does go a long way so in that respect you do get value for money, but I personally wouldn't pay £18 for this. However it'll be a completely different story if someone wants to buy me more (sod's law). Are you a fan of Juicy Shakers, or do you think they're a gimmick, let me know.

* PR Sample