Nails Inc Set
Nails Inc Good as Gold Paint Can

If there is a hot new nail trend, Nails Inc are always at the forefront and their latest innovative release is no different. Considering how simple the idea is, I'm surprised that no-one has launched a similar product. You would have seen earlier in the year how Nails Inc released Hoxton Market as their first spray polish and since then they've built up a core collection of their iconic colours in the paint can formula. What is genius with these Paint Can's is that they can be used exactly like normal nail polishes - you can use a base coat (this is recommended) if you want, or if you prefer not too, you don't have too.

When it comes to using this, it's exactly the same as using any sort of spray paint, shake and spray your nails. I've found that it's much easier to lightly spray your nails and then build it up that way. Now unlike normal nail polishes, once this has dried on your nails, all what you need to do to remove the excess polish off your skin is to wash your hands with soap. Don't get me wrong this is a messy way of doing your nails, however on the flip side the amount of time taken to achieve manicured nails is literally a quarter of the time to normal nail painting.

As you're using an aerosol, to avoid any kind of mess, I normally use this in my kitchen with paper on the floor and no where near any walls or furniture, as knowing my luck I'd get this everywhere. It is worth mentioning that if you spray this too close to your fingers, the coldness of the polish will hurt your fingers, so what'll you find is for the first few times you use this, it will be trial and error. Will you jump onto the spray polish trend?

*PR Sample