Weekday Rib Knit Jumper with Balloon Sleeve Detail

Why is it, that as soon as we hit October (and now November), it suddenly has to get freezing. Since having my massive wardrobe clear out (I feel like I need to have another one soon), I've been focusing on purchasing key items which can either be dressed up or down. When it comes to buying basics I'm finding myself leaning more towards Weekday which you can find on ASOS. Apart from the items being reasonable priced, the quality of the clothes is on par with more expensive brands. Whilst browsing ASOS I picked up this rib knit jumper with balloon sleeves, as I don't own any grey knitwear in my wardrobe, I had to have it - that's my excuse anyway.

I find that I struggle to find jumpers which are actually long enough for me both in the body and in the arms, and as you can see this fits the bill perfectly. Now for £45 I actually think this is quite affordable, and it's a thick jumper you're getting your money's worth. A word of warning though - don't wear it for shopping, far too warm. Also I'm wearing the Topshop Heart Leopard Boots again - these have also become a wardrobe staple and I'll be taking them on an upcoming trip. What wardrobe staples have you been buying recently? Let me know.