More and more brands should take a leaf out of Moroccanoil's books and start producing sets like these - especially when their products are at more of a higher price point. If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that I have previously reviewed Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo (review here) and yes near enough 18 months later, I'm still using it up. With the clarifying shampoo, I find that it leaves my hair feeling quite dry and stripped of any moisture and each time I use this, I always follow it up with an intensive conditioner which in my opinion, goes against what a clarifying shampoo should be.

Prior to going to New York (way back in November), I received the Moroccanoil Hydrating Mini Trio Set which contains a deluxe size shampoo and conditioner from their hydration range, but also a small bottle of their iconic treatment for all hair types. Even if you only want to try the hair oil and don't want to invest in a full size bottle - this set is for you. Ideally the plan was to try the shampoo and conditioner prior to going and then decide whether I wanted to take these away with me - the oil was a no brainer, that was getting put straight in my suitcase. The reality was... I forgot to pack them and considering the state of my hair from the water - they would have been a blessing.

Anyway the shampoo and conditioner both include moisturising formulas, including argon oil and vitamins A and E (how often do you see shampoos containing vitamins) and have the same scent as their clarifying shampoo which I personally like. I'm not going to lie after washing my hair with the shampoo, my hair does feel dry - not to the extent of how it feels after the clairfying shampoo, but still I don't expect a hydrating shampoo to make my hair feel dry. However this is when the gem of a conditioner steps up to the mark - all what you need is a tiny bit of this and boom instantly soft hair. As I have fine hair, but a lot of it, I try and avoid using conditioner as much as possible as this can weigh my hair down and look greasy. However I can report that this doesn't have that effect on mine. It's also worth noting that if you have clip in hair extensions which you colour - some of this conditioner on the ends, really adds some life back into them, it's worked wonders with mine.

As I've already mentioned the set also contains a small bottle of their treatment for all hair types (note this isn't the light version). Personally I wouldn't buy a full size bottle of this, purely because it would take me a lifetime to use it. Smaller sizes such as this will probably last me a good year (or two) as I literally use the smallest drop to run through the ends of my hair and also on the section of my hair at the front which had snapped but is well on the way of growing back. This prevents any flyaway hairs, but also adding some much needed shine to my hair. Personally I only use this on the ends of my hair and avoid going anywhere near my roots when this has been on my hands. Also after using this - rub it into your cuticles, you have got to love a multipurpose product. If you already use Moroccanoil, Hairtrade do stock the full range with some excellent discounts. Also let me know what products you recommend from the range.

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