None of this New Year, New Me bollocks on here I'm afraid.

Hands down that has to be one of my biggest pet peeves - all this New Year, New Me shite. If you want to make changes with your life why wait until the New Year, why not make that change there an then? Looking back over 2016, I've learnt a lot, changed a lot and made a lot of realisations. As you will have seen posting has been very sporadic over on here, more so towards the end of the year. There's no excuses for this - but work has been my priority as at the end of the day, that pays my mortgage not the blog. Don't get me wrong, not posting has killed me, yet the last thing I want to do on a night is to turn the laptop on and type. But on the other hand, I've still being reading your posts, watching YouTube videos and also focusing on upping my Instagram game.

As much as I want to promise you the world with posting on here x amount of times a week, I've come to the decision that there'll be new posts every Thursday and Sunday, with the occasional Tuesday post (see it as a cheeky bonus). I'm thinking this will give me something to focus on, yet not feeling tied to having to post all the time. I also appreciate this post should have gone live yesterday, but shhhhh.

I've had a look back at last years post on what my resolutions would be and I'm quite surprised to see that I've stuck to some of them (water and fitness), and so lets have some aims for 2017 -

1 - say yes more - self explanatory

2 - continue with fitness - I've enjoyed stepping up my gym game prior to going to New York (oh I forgot to mention that), and due to illness this had dropped prior to Christmas. The aim for 2017 is to run 10k - for the girl who avoids any opportunity to run, this is going to be a challenge in itself.

3 - spend less, use more - from August onwards I made a conscious effort to use more of my beauty products up before buying new ones, and for skin and body care, I made one hell of a dent on my collection. This may have then been hindered with an epic Sephora Haul (post coming soon), however this is something which I want to focus on again for 2017. Only buy what I actually need. I'll also do a final Project 10 update for 2016 too.

4 - wear more makeup - I appreciate how random that sounds, but it links into the point above. However as a beauty blogger, my make up collection isn't massive by no means, but compared to the normal woman, it's excessive. Normally for work I'd wear some mascara, bronzer or blusher and fill my brows in and then wear a full face when going out. In order to get some of my products used up I really need to start wearing more make up - which is going to kill me having to get out of bed earlier on a morning, but lets give it a go.

5- Relaunch FABB - due to everything which was happening in my life and Tor's also been busy, FABB has fallen on its head. 2017 is the year when FABB will be back with a bang. Remember to follow on Twitter (@FABBevents) to keep up to speed with what's happening.

What are your New Year aims, let me know...