Self proclaimed as having the North East's most instagramable floor (I can vouch for that), Meet and Treat Cafe has fast become one of Newcastle's most popular eateries. Located on the outskirts of Chinatown, Meet and Treat has hands down the best ramen I have had in years. Whilst in Newcastle last week with Tor, it was a no brainer that we were having something to eat here. With its intagramable interior, Meet & Treat Cafe has a laid back vibe which is ideal if you just want to stop off for cake and coffee, or like us have something to eat.

Personally what I love about Meet & Treat Cafe is their little touches - for example having Newcastle Upon Tyne in their coffee mugs. To their little trinkets around the till. Tor was desperate to try their Deep Fried Chicken Dumplings which were amazing - so tasty. As soon as I spied soup noodles on the menu, I knew that's what I would be having and as I love spicy food, went for their Spicy Beef Noodles. The beef literally melted in your mouth and the soup had a kick to it, but wasn't too spicy. Definitely the right choice for me. Tor went for their Teriyaki Chicken and Rice and I think the pictures speak for itself on how good it looked. Tor assured me that it tasted as good as it looked.

If you're ever in Newcastle and want somewhere to go for food or just a coffee, you need to go to Meet & Treat. I've been raving about it to everyone, and I can assure you it won't be the last time I'm there.