Say hello to Rachel aka Mrs Motivator. Would you believe me if I said that Rachel has lost an incredible 12.5 stone through Slimming World? Well she has!! I've known Rachel before her Slimming World journey has begun and if you saw her before to now, you wouldn't think it was the same woman. Honestly I've never met a more determined and motivated person, and her positive attitude literally rubs off on everyone around her. On a morning before work she's out for her morning run, regardless of the weather - now that is what you call dedication.

Every Saturday you'll find her at a Parkrun and her running obsession has rubbed off on her family, and a run is now a family event. Since Rachel has started running, she's been furthering and furthering herself and she's part of the Slimming World London Marathon Team. So come the 23rd April, she'll be on that starting line with a 26.2 mile run ahead of her (which she'll easily do). What makes the Slimming World Marathon Team so special is the fact that all members of the team have lost significant amounts of weight and will be raising money for Cancer Research UK. Rachel has to be one of those people who motivates me to get my backside into the gym and when I'm twisting saying I can't be bothered to go, she's there motivating me to go.

As cancer is a little shit, I am asking for you to donate any spare change you have to the Slimming World Team - you can find more information via their Just Giving page. You'll be able to keep up to date with the Teams' adventure on social media using the hashtag #teamslimmingworld2017.

Rachel has also set up a blog documenting her running adventures - 26.2 Miles of Fun, if you are looking for some motivation.