Oversized Grey Jumper - Zara (not online) // ASOS Ridley Jeans // Ash Boots // ASOS Fedora // Chloe Drew Bag

Are you getting sick of the constant Zara knitwear spam on here? Honestly though, Zara is knocking it out the park with their knitwear lately and I honestly can't get enough. You will probably have spotted this outfit from my recent Meet and Treat Cafe post. I always find that when I go shopping to Newcastle it's always one weather extreme to another - too hot in the shops and then not so bad outside. Instead of having to take a jacket with me, instead I decided to wear the thickest jumper known to mankind for extra warmth.

Unlike my other grey Zara jumper this one is really thick and cost either £34.99 or £29.99 (bargain), teamed with a long sleeved top underneath this really kept me warm while out and about. As much as I love my trust Ash boots, I think it's now time that I need to invest in a new pair - hands down the worlds most comfiest boots. I've also come to realise that a fedora is my new staple piece in my wardrobe and works a treat in hiding a bad hair day.

I've got a new guilty pleasure, I'll let you into the secret on my next post...