As soon as I posted this picture on Snapchat, I've never seen as many messages asking where this pink jumper is from. I have to admit Zara has totally upped their knitwear and over the last few months I've acquired quite a few pieces from there. However considering near enough the majority of the tops which I own are monochrome, it was about time I invested in some colour to go into my wardrobe. 

Personally I'm a fan of pink and leopard print and in order to dress this outfit up, I had to wear my Topshop Heart Boots - I've never known a pair of boots get so much wear out of them. Also you may have spied my new baby the Chloe Drew Bag in small - I'll do a separate post on this, as I managed to save some serious money on it. 

I know today's post has been quite brief, however I'm in one of those moods where I want to post, but the words aren't coming out. However on a side note, thank you for all the page hits since my post about Rachel aka Mrs Motivator, if you haven't read the post, go and have a look here.