If I'm given the option of an extra 10 minutes in bed, or to put a full face of make up on for work, bed is going to win every time. Since deciding in the New Year to start using my make up products up and to try and wear near enough a full face of make up for work, I've finally mastered the knack of achieving a full face of make up in near enough 5 minutes. I'll do a separate post on my full make up, however since using my Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz, I've finally been able to use Benefit's Goof Proof which has been patiently waiting to be used since I received it with a copy of Elle magazine last year. 

Now in Benefit eye brow products I'm normally a Shade 4 which is slightly darker than this, however Shade 3 is perfect for day to day (and when I'm not tanned). Goof Proof reminds me of a slightly thicker version of the Smashbox Brow Tech to Go which for most of last year was my go to brow product. Goof Proof, as the name suggests is literally the easiest way to fill your brows in (even for a beginner). All what I do is use the straight edges to outline my brows, then use the thicker part to fill them in. If I want more hair like strokes, all what you need to do is use the pointed end.

Honestly doing your brows with this saves so much time on a morning and because the product is so thick you don't have to worry about it snapping during application or if you keep it in your make up bag. I've also found with a thicker product, the pencil itself doesn't loose it's shape regardless of how often you use it - something which I find with the more precise pencils. Another positive with Goof Proof is that I don't need to use any setting gels with this - once it's on, it's on and it's not budging. It even lasts during sweaty gym and boot camp sessions. So even if the rest of my make up has disappeared, the brows are still fully intact. Definitely a winner with me.