It wouldn't be Easter Sunday without some sort of Easter (or should that be egg) related post and I think this has to be by far the most easterish post I've ever done on here. Firstly I'm happy that lent is finally over and done with and that I can FINALLY eat chocolate again. As you read this I may be in a sugar induced state somewhere after gorging on a 1001 creme eggs. Anyway back onto this post, until Angela brought this back from Florida, I've never heard of the brand Too Cool For School, however it is available on the Selfridges website if you're based in the UK.

Now don't let the name and any egg related preconceptions which you may have put you off from this product. Yes it may be yellow like an egg yolk, however I can assure you that this doesn't smell of egg. It looks and has the texture of whipped butter - ironically considering the three main ingredients is egg, butter and oil. The texture of this body butter is very light and quickly absorbs into my skin and doesn't leave any residue on the skin or scent. 

What is brilliant about the Egg Mellow range is the fact that these products can be used on all skin types, however it works wonders if you have any dry skin. I normally suffer from dry skin on my knees and the top of my feet and since using this the dry patches have gone (it even past the fake tan test). It's a shame this is hard to come by in the UK, however if you know anyone who is going to America, it may be worth you asking them to pick one up for you.