Kiehls has fast become my go to brand for skincare and over the last six months I've been using their much hyped Midnight Recovery Concentrate on a night to give my skin an added boost. I've found that if you mention Kiehls to anyone, the products which they mention is their Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment or the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Quite cleverly they have made the packaging midnight blue, but to also reflect that these are nighttime products. Believe it or not, I wasn't really a fan of the scent of the concentrate when I first started using it, however the slight lavender scent has grown on me and once this is applied to the skin you can't smell it.

It does state that for the Concentrate that you should use two to three drops on your face, however depending on how dry my skin is, will determine how much or little I will use. Normally I'd probably use 3-4 drops and this is enough for my face and neck. Unlike other oils this absorbs quickly into your skin and passes the hair in the face test as there is little to no residue left on the skin. This can be used alone or underneath moisturiser so it's ideal for travel if you want to travel light. Normally I prefer to use this by itself with the Eye Concentrate as I don't want my skin feeling clogged with lots of product right before bed. Unlike other oils which I have used, it has taken a few weeks for me to notice any visible differences, however what I can say is that it does make my skin look rested and brighter.

For Christmas (a distant memory), I received their Midnight Recovery Eye and considering their Creamy Avocado Treatment is my holy grail eye cream, this had high standards to live up too. Personally I found this to be a bit of a disappointment compared to the Creamy Avocado Treatment. It claims to reduce dark circles, fine lines and puffiness - the only difference I could see was that some of my fine lines were not as noticeable. Luckily (touch wood) I don't suffer from puffiness, and this made no impact on my dark circles. This is a rich eye cream and unlike the Creamy Avocado Treatment, you only need the smallest amount. The Midnight Recovery Eye is pretty much unscented and does absorb quickly into the skin. However my heart will always lie with their CAT (I'm abbreviating it now) and that is what I'm planning on repurchasing once this is used up. Are you a fan of Kiehls skincare? What products should I try next?